Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Ole Nielsen, founder and head carpenter of Destino Yachts





Ole Nielsen


Main Builder & Designer



Originally from Denmark, Ole came to the United States in the early 90s. As a freshly graduated journeyman in framing carpentry, he wanted to travel with his newly acquired trade and learn from carpenters in other places. The choice fell on the US where he found a job with a log home building company in Colorado, during the summer of ’91. He was so taken by America that he decided to settle down there permanently, in the state of Connecticut, where he was reinvigorated by the coast. His first job in Connecticut was with a post & beam builder. There, Ole learned substantially more about the art of woodworking.


Ole then went on to start his own company as a small contractor, doing home remodeling on conventional houses. After some changes in Ole’s personal life he decided to close the carpentry business and take a job instead in the boat industry. It seemed like a whim at the time, but says that “it felt more like it was some sort of choice that destiny made for me.”


This is when Destino began to take shape. Ole worked up from an ordinary ship carpenter (yard manager) over a period of 14 years, in a marina with a focus on repair and restoration of old wooden boats (as well as fiberglass boats with sail and motor). He could not get enough, so he dedicated himself entirely to studying yacht design, and even started drawing up his own boats – it was no longer enough to repair other vessels. Ole had a myriad of ideas that he needed to bring to life, after spending almost 20 years learning how to apply his mastery of carpentry towards that dream.


Ole decided finally to established his own yacht company. His mission was to bring the classic mahogany runabout into the 21st century. He knew it could be done by incorporating modern materials such as epoxy and exotic two-component clear coat lacquer, with the knowledge of how motorboat hull behaves in different wave situations and different speeds, while maintaining the beautiful traditional look of a real wooden boat. Learn more about the company here.