Our process differs for various projects, depending on what the design calls for. These methods highlight a Destino 20.


The perfect choice of wood for the hull is Atlantic white cedar. It is lightweight and strong, rot resistant and native to New England. The cedar strips are laid over frames that are CNC-cut. The hull is then faired and the exterior is sheathed with 10 oz. fiberglass cloth laid in epoxy, then faired again to perfection. The hull is turned right side up and the interior is also fiber glassed with 10 oz. cloth. Afterwards, the frames are filleted and tabbed in with extra reinforcement – this makes for a super solid hull able to take a pounding, which makes it much easier on the boat’s driver.


The cedar is now completely sealed from moisture penetration, inside and out. This makes the exterior as easy to maintain as any fiberglass boat, whether the vessel is kept wet or dry. 


Next, the engine bed is prepared and the stern area fitted for the jet drive. The interior is then primed and painted with oil resistant bilge paint, which is very easy to keep clean and sparkling. The sole is installed next, follow by the mechanicals, engine, jet drive, fuel tank, sea strainer, fuel filter, battery, bilge pump, hoses and wires. A very quiet and ultra smooth running Volvo diesel engine, combined with the Hamilton jet-drive, makes driving this boat a thrill. Feeling such smooth acceleration when the turbo kicks in is something that simply needs to be experienced.


At this point, the deck is installed with the seats, designed and built by our master craftsman. As they are put in to place, we make sure they feel and function the way they were intended. Afterwords, the dashboard is installed and all the helm functions get checked out, ensuring perfect ergonomic functionality. Going the extra distance with these details is the only way in which we may accomplish unifying all of the different components that go in to creating a piece of art work of this caliber. 


Now that the structure is in place and the functionality is correct, it is time to finish off the boat. The hull and deck is veneered with genuine mahogany. We use a vacuum bagging technique, which ensures the veneer recieves a 100% void free contact to the hull and deck. Again, the adhesive is epoxy, so no problems will arise, even after decades of use and abuse. For the sole we use black walnut. This is a beautiful species of wood, that won’t steal attention away from the rest of the boat. The veneer is then stained and epoxy coated before it receives a two part polyurethane clear coat, which gives the wood UV-protection and years of shine before having to refinish.


The coating is painstakingly wet sanded and polished, to a mirror finish. This is a huge improvement over a more traditional varnish that would need re-coating every year, in order to stay in pristine condition. All of the hardware is laid out, again to ensure perfect functionality and that the flow of the design is enhanced. Keep in mind that every piece of hardware has been carefully chosen among a multitude of hardware manufacturers on the market, to be of the highest quality. Of course, unique items such as the bow cleat and the plate which holds the bow light, are designed by us, to give the boat that special touch you won’t find anywhere else. The castings are made of a special 2205 stainless steel alloy which has even higher chromium content than 316 stainless. This makes these pieces polish up even brighter. Everything is custom cast right here in New England. No factory manufactured wind shield would be able to round off the design, and make the whole visual experience of the boat come together as a whole. Our wind shields are custom made from from stainless steel and tempered glass. The outcome is a complete and perfect union of form and function.